12/31/2020 Admin

Returning to School- January 2021

With 50,000 positive COVID tests yesterday, nearly 1,000 deaths and 20,000 people hospitalised, the Government has announced the delay in the return to school in January 2021.

Following this guidance, all students will commence remote learning on MS TEAMS from Monday 11th January 2021 and then physically return to school as normal a week later on Monday 18th January 2021.

COVID Testing Kits are being sent out to all schools, as part of mass testing and we will carry out these tests in school as the students return.

Iqra Academy will undergo a further Deep Clean the weekend of the 9th January 2021and we will maintain our strict COVID measures, as per our inspected School Risk Assessment, as students return.

The safety of all our staff and Students remains our first priority, as well as ensuring the delivery of a high quality education.

Happy New Year and thank you for you continuing support and cooperation.

Dr Michael Wright