12/10/2018 Admin

Manifesting the Unseen Exhibition

Some of our Year 10 & 11 students visited the Manifesting the Unseen Exhibition in London on 7 December 2018. We received the following lovely e-mail with photos attached:


Asalaamu alaikum,
Jazak Allah khair for bringing your students and colleague to us this week. Especially all the way from Peterborough! I think I may have mentioned that a fair few times to others visiting. It felt like quite the honour! They were a lovely bunch mashaAllah, a real credit to the school.
I wanted to forward you the photos I took:
Please feel free to share with your colleagues, parents, students and on your website &  social media! Can you tell we’re keen to get people to visit us as we head in to our last week! It all wraps up on 15th December and from the feedback we’ve recieved as well as my own entirely unbaised perspective, it’s well worth it!