09/06/2018 Admin

Stunning GCSE Results at Iqra Academy 2018!

Congratulations to all Students, Parents and Staff at Iqra Academy for supporting some stunning results in this year’s GCSE Examinations.

Excellent results in English Language with 89% of students gaining grades 4+ (78% grade 5+).

English Literature achieved 78% grade 4+.

Significant improvements in Science with 78% of students gaining grades 4+ (67% grade 5+).

Maths achieved 56% grade 4+, with all these students also gaining passes in Eng-lish, giving a Maths & English pass rate of 56%.

Religious Education, Arabic and Urdu all achieved 100% passes. Psychology 83%, Citizenship 80%, Islamic studies 75%.

Four girls achieved 9+ GCSE passes. 89% of Students achieved 5+ GCSE passes.

In addition, many students gained the Level 2 Award in ‘Understanding Health im-provement’ run by the Royal Society for Public Health and the BTEC ICT Award.

“Education should focus on the development of the whole person, including ethics and values, not just about cultivating hard skills. We need to prepare our students for life and work and to be the outstanding British citizens of the future,” said Dr. Michael Wright (Head Teacher of the Year 2018, AMS UK).