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Iqra Academy achieves glowing Ofsted report

The city’s Iqra Academy has received a glowing Ofsted inspection report that judged the school to be ‘Good’ in all areas by Her Majesty’s Inspectors.

Inspectors found that the school’s ‘leaders and governors have a clear, ambitious, long-term vision for the school.’ They also praised the leadership of teaching, learning and assessment, describing it as being ‘highly effective’.

As a result, inspectors concluded that ‘current pupils show accelerated progress because the work they are set challenges them to achieve well’.

The report also stated that ‘staff morale is high’ and added that ‘parents were universally positive about the education their children receive’.

The report found that ‘pupils benefit from effective teaching that provides interest and variety’. Inspectors added ‘the good subject knowledge that teachers display allows them to ask challenging questions that captures pupils’ interest. Pupils are attentive and curious. The strong relationships they forge with staff help them to feel secure enough to ask for help, raise questions, and confidently articulate their views’.

Inspectors also found that ‘in the vast majority of lessons, pupils behave in an exemplary fashion. They are conscientious, concentrate hard, listen attentively and respect the views of others’.

They added ‘pupils’ increased leadership raises aspirations, while helping pupils to develop their communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. The head girl and deputy head girl are powerful role models. Other pupils aspire to follow their lead’.

Inspectors also reported that ‘tutors meet pupils individually to discuss their attendance, academic progress and well-being. Pupils value the experience’. They added that ‘fundamental British values are woven throughout the curriculum. The student council instils in pupils the importance of democracy, compromise and equality’.

The report finished by assessing the outcomes for pupils, which was also judged to be Good, with the report stating that ‘the vast majority make good progress from their starting points.’

Inspectors found that ‘leaders’ rigorous assessments of what pupils can do when they arrive help teachers match work appropriately to meet pupils’ needs’.

The report also added that ‘pupils’ progress from starting points was either in line with or exceeded national averages in English and mathematics’ and that ‘pupils read fluently and confidently with good pronunciation and use of intonation’. Inspectors noted that ‘most-able pupils attain well and make good progress’.

In addition to this, inspectors praised the work the school does to raise aspirations. Inspectors stated that ‘staff support pupils well with their applications to further education where they leave the school. Pupils progress onto suitable courses at post-16 level. Sessions with international artists, and visits from an accountant, a lawyer, the police, representatives from the Royal Navy, a radio worker and National Health Service employees successfully give pupils a broad understanding of possible career options’.

Michael Wright, principal of Iqra Academy, said: “We are delighted with yet another glowing report. The students, staff and wider community work incredibly hard to make the school a huge success for the girls that learn here. The inspectors’ comments perfectly reflect this effort.

“As a school we are now working more closely with other education leaders in the city and forging stronger links into the community. Of course, while we are in a period of celebration, we will not rest on our laurels and will continue to work equally hard to continually improve standards across the school.”

The full report summary concluded that all areas of the school were Good:

Overall effectiveness Good
Effectiveness of leadership and management Good
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Good
Outcomes for pupils Good

The report highlights the dramatic changes that have taken place over the past twelve months since new Board and Principal arrived at Iqra Academy.

The report suggested that the school needed to focus on a couple of areas over the next few years in order to improve further. These included:

  • Ensuring that teachers use assessment information to match work to the needs of pupils of different abilities more precisely
  • Streamlining systems to monitor, evaluate and review the work of the whole school more easily
  • Building on the work, in collaboration with Thomas Deacon Education Trust, to formalise the process for identifying pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities

For more information about Iqra Academy please visit iqraacademy.org.uk