Our Vision

Executive summary of School Strategic Plan for 2017-21.

Iqra Academy is a Community Girls’ School, currently catering for 11-19 year olds. It is the only girl’s only school in Peterborough. It is an Independent Islamic faith school that caters for both Muslims and other faith students. The school opened in September 2009 to year 7 and 8 students. The Academy is run by Peterborough Muslim Education Trust – a charitable organisation. The school is situated about 2 miles from the city centre and it is located in an industrial area. Most of our intake however, is from centrally situated primary schools, namely Gladstone Primary and West Town Primary School.

At Iqra all pupils are Muslims of different nationalities. We want to give them opportunities to aspire to further and higher education, as most parents are keen for their daughters to continue into Further/Higher Education despite having limited funds.

All of our students are EAL students and the majority group is from Pakistan but other nationalities include East African and Arab students. The majority of our students come from the inner-city area of central and west Peterborough. Most Students share transport (costs) to support their children getting in to School.

The Islamic ethos underpins the work of the school. We expect the school to grow considerably under new management from its current 93 girls. We do have the capacity for 202 students on our roll. As an Islamic faith school our admissions criteria gives preference to practising Muslims. We take children from different Islamic denominations. The school is also open to other faiths. Our mission is to contribute in partnership with the families and the wider community, to the development of Muslim women who are confident, can think for themselves, who understand the concepts of equality and justice and can play a full and responsible part in a multicultural society.

Our aim is to ensure that all aspects of school life reflect the school’s distinctive Islamic ethos and that each girl is given an equality of opportunity to achieve her full potential spiritually, academically and socially. The school has an open door policy, with clear aims and many strengths. We aim to make a difference to the young people in our care. We have visits out of school to enhance learning across a range of subjects.

We believe immensely in community cohesion and have worked with MCP and the AMS to promote community cohesion. Our girls have represented the school at numerous events city wide. For example, the Peace and Tolerance event at Peterborough Cathedral, as well as the Inter-faith event which took place at the Town Hall. All our Students participate in Volunteering and Charity events in the City, where we have a proud track record of achievement.

In the last nine years the school has developed and confirmed its place within the education landscape of Peterborough however, the community is looking at the school to not only provide education for young ladies but also for primary school age children, both boys and girls, as well as a secondary boys school and further education at some point in the future.

With all the changes within the education sector, Iqra Academy are looking to achieve their longer term objective of providing not just school education but also to fulfil its duty to support the community. This will include Evening classes and workshops aimed at all members of the community, from ESOL classes to fitness and self- defence, from supporting the long established communities as well as working with the new arrivals to our city. The vision is to have the school as a hub of the community, used to benefit the community and a spring board to individual success and development.

Iqra Academy has developed and implemented a SEN (statemented or special needs service) which is tailored to support individuals whilst being in an environment that normalises their daily routine of going to school and developing as their peers do.

It is also our vision to be very much part of the education fabric of the City for all ages and backgrounds. We are already members of the Association of Muslim Schools and we look to play an active role in the New Schools Network and to forge links with the TDA and the Schools of Tomorrow group.

We are actively working to form our own future Primary School for Boys and Girls and a Boys Secondary School. We are currently graded ‘Good’ with Ofsted and with a new Board and Principal in post we are now striving for Excellence.

Relationships between staff and pupils are very good. The vast majority of staff are dedicated, hardworking and committed to raising standards and striving for excellence. Teachers are supportive and staff involve themselves in all aspects of the school. The Governors are both challenging and supportive.

We ensure teachers are well supported and are given extra non-contact time for preparation where necessary. They are also mentored and provided with a full programme of induction prior to commencing the teaching.

The school through the ‘Friends of Iqra’ group has excellent relationships with parents, the majority of whom are supportive and cooperate very well with the school on matters of attendance and discipline. We have an open-door approach for prospective students as they are welcome to have a few taster days prior to making their decision.

The School has developed links with the Community and Employers, with all Students being engaged with Voluntary and Charity work and opportunities to take up work experience placements with local employers, such as K2 Care Limited. The School has appointed a Careers service lead.


Mission Statement

School Mission Statement:  

Our aim at Iqra Academy is to enable our pupils to develop a sense of self-value and self-respect as British Muslims and help them to become valued and responsible members of mainstream society. 

The academy’s main objective is to establish an impressive centre for learning where pupils can receive a balanced education in an Islamic environment that will promote their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development. 

It is hoped that this will prepare them to enter into the practical world as confident and educated Muslim women, with a strong faith and good moral values. 

  • To seek the pleasure of Allah (swt) by providing Islamic education for the children of the community, in accordance with the Noble Qur’an and Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet (saw). 
  • To provide excellent full time academic and Islamic education for the Muslim children in Peterborough under the Islamic ethos regardless of nationality or status.  
  • To provide a caring, safe and well-ordered environment for girls to develop their educational skills and practice Islam